Hi beautiful, my names Adam and I shit excellence.
1 girls 1 cup



Thank you, you’re a fantastic creature. 


Anything hateful you have to say won’t effect me at all but thanks for trying your best.

Why did you delete your face page? 

Because people were only following me for my appearance and I don’t want that. If you want to see pictures of me just ask or look for some old ones of me in my archive.



Text/call me?

If I follow you just send me your number. If not then please kindly fall back.

Where did you get your theme?

It’s mine. Get your own. Tough titties.

Is that you in your banner?

Yes it’s from a video I made when I was 16, the video is on my twitter.

I enjoy checking out new blogs and only do promo’s for people who don’t have a lot of followers and want some help gaining more.